I bought your product a few days ago, inside the plane (amazing idea). I was impressed by the way it softened my dried hands and lips with a tiny amount. It is wonderful that you have not added any aroma and smell, only pure natural olive oil. This distinctive smell of the fresh good quality olive oil I breathe is like collecting all the benefits of the oil and making aromatherapy. I’m glad you did not give in to adding its chemical imitation to fragrance, as many other brands of ‘natural’ cosmetics make. I hope you conquer the world, you deserve it.
Tatiana S.

… after a difficult period in the hispital and turning back home for the standard recovery … at the points where the hospital stickers were placed to hold the butterfly and in other places, for gauze etc. there were reddish areas … like eczematoid dermatitis with unbelievable itching … It took 3 to 4 days for your amazing beeswax, using brave amounts … At first I felt a relief … and slowly began to return to normal skin …. Thank you very much “inventors “of this magic ointmenr !!! I wish HEALTH for the whole world !!!
Vassiliki Rigopoulou

“An excellent product for the skin, and the only one able to cope with very intense dryness (on skin and lips) during treatment with isotretinoin for acne. Still, compared to another ointment I have tried a long time ago, yours were much thinner, much better texture! Conclusion: I strongly suggest Tilia to everyone !!
Nefeli L.

It’s a great product and very effective! I put it almost every day on all the “problematic” points. Cracked hands, chapped lips, chapped nose from cold or cold, burns … I think it does for everything! I also received it for my friends! I highly recommend it to everyone!
Well done!
Xenia Waitsa

Someone brought it to me. Very  effective. Okay! But you have to open an eshop because I can not find it easily in pharmacies.

Very good!!! It has replaced: diaper change cream + facial cream + hand cream + cream for atopic dermatitis. I recommend it!
Lena, Mother Aphrodite and Alkminis

I will not call this product a simple ointment because it is not … It is more of a solution to almost all the skin problems I have had occasionally. For irritation from anxiety in the face, burns or even after the sun in the summer. I apply to the problematic area in the evening and until morning, the irritation has just disappeared! I do not need anything else. I highly recommend it.

I do not remember well how it started. Definitely in a kitchen on Delphon Street. Cans go and come, electronic scales, timers and countless trials. For months, the dosage was changing, the technique improved, but enthusiasm remained for an even better recipe for an even better technique for an even better fit. If the best is the enemy of the good, then Tilia should have had many enemies. In her little story though, only friends have done and I’m glad to be one of them.
At first I was rather indifferent. I would never buy a starter – I did not even know what it is. I also had no skin problem, nor am I dealing with natural products. I probably do not trust them. From very early I had four samples that I gave to two of my friends with babies, one with dry skin and one with eczema. Everyone was telling me the best. At the same time, I began to experience other similar products, which I found in pharmacies and in bazaars. Then I realized that all these months of testing had a reason. I did not find any other 100% natural make-up  that has a flawless texture and application.
So I decided not to be the negative of the case, but to support my friends in this endeavor. And really, I saw the next steps happen faster than I expected. The bureaucracy was handled, the lab was selected, the appropriate jar was found, the labels, the logo and the box were designed (thumbs up Anda). We also made the site. At the beginning of her trip, Tilia had the best friends. Friends of Natalia and Thanasis. In its course so far it has many more …
Konstantinos Dimas

Postscript: And because I have to describe a personal experience, three months ago I first appeared eczema in my palms. Thanks to Tilia it did not last for more than three days.

I use Tilia really at every opportunity! When my baby has some irritation, a pimples or even a mischief, she has learned what will help her and tells me, “Mom, it’s time for Tilia.” I always have it with me at work and once I get off the gloves, which I unfortunately wear daily, I open the jar to find my ally.







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