Very easy to understand instructions – details of numerous ways in which product could be used on the packaging. Very easy to use the first time – this was a staple in the nappy bag and used by me, baby, my son and useful for all the family.
Helen, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

The balm came in a very sweet looking cardboard box. As the balm is very firm it was quite difficult to get it out of the tube. The balm is made using natural ingredients which I like for a product used on very delicate skin. It is an excellent nappy balm but I also really like that it has other uses too.
Louise, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

This is a very good product. I wouldn’t change anything about the product itself.
Kelly, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

I have been very impressed with this product in the short time I have been using it. With having a large family I have bought and used a lot of different nappy creams and this one is very good. This product also has the added bonus of being very versatile. It can be used on any part of the body to ease irritation, dry skin and other minor skin complaints. This is a great product for the changing bag. I would buy this product again.
Katie, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

I bought this product a few weeks before my baby was born but I started using it straight away. I think this product is very versatile. One of my older children was suffering from chapped lips. I applied the balm twice and it worked very quickly. In my opinion this is a great product for minor skin complaints.
Amy, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

I think my baby found this product soothing. Whenever I applied it to damaged skin it took no more than a day or two for any discomfort to away and for the skin to look healthy again.
Samantha, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

The balm is almost solid in texture. However, I found it does absorb very well and leaves just a very thin oily layer on the skin. The nappy creams I have used in the past have left a lot of residue which has to be cleaned away at the next nappy change before the cream is reapplied.This sort of residue can interfere with the absorbancy of the nappy and can actually make nappy rashes worse. I was really pleased to see this balm did not do this.
Melanie, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

The balm has a mild, natural and pleasant fragrance of beeswax which is the main ingredient of this product. It is otherwise fragrance free which I really like as I am using it on my newborn. The balm itself is quite firm and greasy but I found it very easy to apply and I was surprised how well it absorbed into the skin.
Katrin Mum & Baby all-natural balm user
Nadine, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

The packaging is divine – so beautiful and unique – wow, I haven’t seen anything like it ever!
Anna, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

There was no fragrance and I would have preferred more but my husband loved it as it was though and kept on using it everyday!
Mariah & Tom, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

I like beeswax products. Although I have vegan leanings I think it’s important to cultivate bees and we should use (not let go to waste) their output. That the ingredients come from natural and local and I imagine small producers in Greece makes me happy. It would help the plant for more support to these smaller industries. Nice jar, nice little box. Like that it’s compact.
Mary, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

I used it on a patch of dry skin which emerged between my fingers and it seemd to make it less dry, at first, and gradually seemed to be working as the days progressed. I used it on dry / psoriasis knees and it eased the itching. Family borrowed it for things like cuticles, and stubborn hard heels, and they seemed to be happy with it.
Susanna, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

One of those useful and very good versatile balms that can be used anywhere. Not much fragrance which is good if you’re using it for more problem solving or troublesome areas.
Mary, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

Tilia balm has simple, attractive and practical packaging. The ingredients and product information are clearly written on the box, jar and accompanying leaflet. It has a short list of very natural sounding ingredients and it is reasonably priced.
Joan, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

Tilia multipurpose balm is a handy product to have when any of my family suffered from dry, itchy, chapped or sore skin. I do like it and will buy it again!
Lucy, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

It felt soothing on the dry, tight itchy areas where I applied it. My son liked it!
Kate, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

It has a very light spearmint scent which I like. I usually avoid mint lip balms as I had read that they were drying, but this balm is very lightly scented and didn’t make my lips tingle. It has a concentrated balm texture. The balm melts on contact with a finger and is easy to use without scraping it out of the jar, but it isn’t so soft that it is used quickly.
Alexandra, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

I found the balm very useful. I used it on my eczema’d hand, on eczema on the top of my foot, on my lips and on dry patches on my face and body. I also used it on my daughter’s chapped lips.
Kimberly, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

The labelling was clear and concise, it was delightful to use and so easy to use the little pot with clear and easy to read the instruction. Also good value for money as had so many different uses and it goes a long way too.
Sonia, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

The balm exceeded my expectations and delivered. I would buy the balm again as it was excellent.
Katrine, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

The balm didn’t really have much fragrance, the texture was a hard wax, that you just rubbed your finger across. I liked both the lack of fragrance and found the texture easy to use. Τhe product absorbed quickly and efficiently into my skin. I found it very soothing and effective.
Sabra, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

The balm is very versatile, I used it for many different uses, including on dry and rough skin and wrinkles, insect wounds and itching. It was very effective and useful day-to-day.
Emiliana, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

The balm had honey hints but it didn’t smell sickly sweet which we all liked. The texture was just about right sort of a soft wax, easy to get the ‘right’ amount out of the pot. The balm soaked in pretty well – I was impressed. Enough that you didn’t feel sticky, but the skin felt hydrated.
Sergio, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

The balm was very versatile and we used it on all of the family. My husband liked it as being natural and honey based he didn’t feel like he was using a ‘beauty product’. He used it on dry hands & chapped lips. I used it on dry skin that I have on my knees after kneeling so much and looking after a toddler. I also used it when I sunburned my feet on holiday. We used it a little on my sons dry skin too especially when it was itching.
Nefelli & family, Multi-purpose Skincare balm use

The product was fantastic as a nappy balm. After cleaning the area, I would apply the balm and it provided moisturization to the nappy area as well as providing a barrier while wearing nappy.
Lisa, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

It helped me so much as an after sun with my kids this summer. Bravo!
Sandra, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

We all loved the balm! My husband asked for it various times over the course of the trial (it’s rare for him to use anything!) I can’t get over what a difference it has made to my dry skin and perfectly timed for the summer. Anything that helps with various conditions is welcome in our house. I would definitely buy this again.
Lauren, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

The balm was very soothing and we all enjoyed using it. After the sunburn it took the heat out of the burn. It certainly helped my son to sooth the itching which was great as he can scratch until he breaks the skin. My skin on my knees started to improve in the first week of using the balm. I liked the fact I could use it pregnant and not worry about what was in it. My son also liked that the bees had made it for his skin. He’s still a bit too young to let me know how he felt about using it!
Irina, Multi-purpose Skincare balm user

It was used as a nappy balm and I have to say that it definitely helped light redness and sensitivity in the nappy area. I felt that the balm worked really well – firstly by reducing redness and sensitivity in the nappy area where there was a light rash and then by preventing rashes from occurring and leaving the area moisturized.
Julia, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

The balm is very versatile and can be used by all the family. I used it on dry patches of skin, used it on the baby who is prone to dry patches and husband used it on eczema prone skin, Great for baby and myself.
Jennifer, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

Best baby balm ever. So soft and so fast absorbable
Nicolette, Mum & Baby all-natural balm user

I bought your product a few days ago, inside the plane (amazing idea). I was impressed by the way it softened my dried hands and lips with a tiny amount. It is wonderful that you have not added any aroma and smell, only pure natural olive oil. This distinctive smell of the fresh good quality olive oil I breathe is like collecting all the benefits of the oil and making aromatherapy. I’m glad you did not give in to adding its chemical imitation to fragrance, as many other brands of ‘natural’ cosmetics make. I hope you conquer the world, you deserve it.
Tatiana S.

… after a difficult period in the hispital and turning back home for the standard recovery … at the points where the hospital stickers were placed to hold the butterfly and in other places, for gauze etc. there were reddish areas … like eczematoid dermatitis with unbelievable itching … It took 3 to 4 days for your amazing beeswax, using brave amounts … At first I felt a relief … and slowly began to return to normal skin …. Thank you very much “inventors “of this magic ointmenr !!! I wish HEALTH for the whole world !!!
Vassiliki Rigopoulou

“An excellent product for the skin, and the only one able to cope with very intense dryness (on skin and lips) during treatment with isotretinoin for acne. Still, compared to another ointment I have tried a long time ago, yours were much thinner, much better texture! Conclusion: I strongly suggest Tilia to everyone !!
Nefeli L.

It’s a great product and very effective! I put it almost every day on all the “problematic” points. Cracked hands, chapped lips, chapped nose from cold or cold, burns … I think it does for everything! I also received it for my friends! I highly recommend it to everyone!
Well done!
Xenia Waitsa

Someone brought it to me. Very  effective. Okay! But you have to open an eshop because I can not find it easily in pharmacies.

Very good!!! It has replaced: diaper change cream + facial cream + hand cream + cream for atopic dermatitis. I recommend it!
Lena, Mother Aphrodite and Alkminis

I will not call this product a simple ointment because it is not … It is more of a solution to almost all the skin problems I have had occasionally. For irritation from anxiety in the face, burns or even after the sun in the summer. I apply to the problematic area in the evening and until morning, the irritation has just disappeared! I do not need anything else. I highly recommend it.

I do not remember well how it started. Definitely in a kitchen on Delphon Street. Cans go and come, electronic scales, timers and countless trials. For months, the dosage was changing, the technique improved, but enthusiasm remained for an even better recipe for an even better technique for an even better fit. If the best is the enemy of the good, then Tilia should have had many enemies. In her little story though, only friends have done and I’m glad to be one of them.
At first I was rather indifferent. I would never buy a starter – I did not even know what it is. I also had no skin problem, nor am I dealing with natural products. I probably do not trust them. From very early I had four samples that I gave to two of my friends with babies, one with dry skin and one with eczema. Everyone was telling me the best. At the same time, I began to experience other similar products, which I found in pharmacies and in bazaars. Then I realized that all these months of testing had a reason. I did not find any other 100% natural make-up  that has a flawless texture and application.
So I decided not to be the negative of the case, but to support my friends in this endeavor. And really, I saw the next steps happen faster than I expected. The bureaucracy was handled, the lab was selected, the appropriate jar was found, the labels, the logo and the box were designed (thumbs up Anda). We also made the site. At the beginning of her trip, Tilia had the best friends. Friends of Natalia and Thanasis. In its course so far it has many more …
Konstantinos Dimas

Postscript: And because I have to describe a personal experience, three months ago I first appeared eczema in my palms. Thanks to Tilia it did not last for more than three days.

I use Tilia really at every opportunity! When my baby has some irritation, a pimples or even a mischief, she has learned what will help her and tells me, “Mom, it’s time for Tilia.” I always have it with me at work and once I get off the gloves, which I unfortunately wear daily, I open the jar to find my ally.







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