About Us
quality standards

Dermatologically tested, clinically approved, safe for skin

We select clinically-proven safe and effective ingredients. We comply with EU Cosmetic Regulations by having accomplished all the necessary chemical and dermatological controls. Clinical testing was carried out by a leading independent testing laboratory.

Commitment to sustainability

We are dedicated to sustainability. Our custom glass jars are reusable and recyclable. We use minimal outer packaging with 100% recycled carton. In this way we maintain a low environmental impact.

Commitment to social responsibility

We are committed to supporting small, local providers all over Greece.

Commitment to natural, preservative-free and synthetic-free mostly organic

Our skin defense strategy lies in natural ingredients derived from Greek nature.

Commitment to product protection from UV and hazardous chemicals

Our amber glass jars protect Tila Beeswax from UV and oxidation, ensuring longer life and unchageable quality.


We are a Greek company that specializes in producing all-natural skin care products, mainly based on beeswax, tilia flower extract and/or extra virgin olive oil. Our first formula was created in 2010, out of necessity, in order to relief our very young child from its serious skin irritations. Until then, we had tried many different products, chemical and non-chemical, with no successful or long-lasting results. Quite disappointed, we thought to try our family’s traditional beeswax recipe. The results were very encouraging, so we started our first research on the ingredients.

Through a long but memorable process – that includes trial and error, a lot of studying, as well as laboratory testing – we created “our miracle” Tilia Beeswax Ointment, which was a far more advanced and effective version of the classical beeswax ointment. Our friends’ first encouraging comments, gradually became our customers’ highly enthusiastic reviews, referring amazing and long-lasting results.

Today, we are very proud of our team of highly skilled experts. We continue to investigate on nature’s gifts, as well as to try and advance recipes from the wealth of Greek tradition, in order to bring you the best natural products possible.

We trust nature’s purest ingredients!

Our products are made out of nature’s purest ingredients. We choose the best raw natural beeswax, organic cold pressed extra virgin oil, and Tilia Europaea oil, all highly active ingredients.

Our raw materials come from authorized producers and our products undergo no other chemical process, neither have they have been mixed with other artificial ingredients, so that the use of the expression “natural product” is literal. We investigate widely to source natural ingredients, and use only those with a proven record of safety and efficacy.

Since most of us no longer live close to nature, our aim is to offer you products that bring nature’s smells in your nose and nature’s look and feel on your skin.

KYTIO is a way of living, a way to remember nature’s gifts. We offer these gifts to our customers, being proud that we do the right thing.

We are constantly growing and wish to reach the world!

We are constantly trying to find new ways to become part of our customers’ everyday life. We are committed to natural processes, to sustainability and social responsibility. Every day we try to be the best that we can and do the best that we can.
We hope our best reaches you!