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Olive oil differs from any other kind of oil.

1. because of the high content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and

2. because of the beneficial characteristics of the rest of the ingredients, that either they don’t appear at all or they appear in smaller amounts in other kinds of oils.

It contains in high quantities:

  • Antioxidant elements: fainols, multifainols, tokopherols (vitamin E), sterols, lycopen, vitamin K, vitamin C and B, karotene (vitamin A) [against free radicals, diminishing fine lines and refining skin’s appearance as a whole]
  • Fatty acids and mainly oleic acid (about 56-84%)  [nourishing, moisturizing, demulcent with also strong antioxidant properties, they replenish skin’s lipids]
  • Trace-Elements, like sodium and potassium

It also contains:

  • Oleokanthali [inflammatory substance]
  • Squalen [nourishing element. Strengthens the lipid barrier inside the keratinized epithelium and penetration of other active substances. Softens the skin and makes it elastic and possesses anti-bacterial properties. Limits transepidermal water loss]
  • chlorophyll [boosts metabolism, arouses cell’s increase and accelerates the cicatrization of wounds]

Compared to other oils it is absorbed easier by the skin and it gets rancid very slowly.

Especially the extra virgin cold pressed olive oil maintains the highest levels of nourishing ingredients because it has undergone the minimum process of any other kind of oil and has the lowest acidity.

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