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Bee and its products have a continuous presence throughout all periods of human history and mythology, as products with admirable qualities.

In texts written in the earliest attested form of Greek (Linear Β) we find information about oil, that was used in alimentation as well as a base for perfumes and ointments for health and beautification.

In Hippocratic code over 60 pharmaceutical uses are mentioned, like therapy of skin’s affections and burns, the healing and antisepsis of minor wounds. Hippocrates considered olive oil to be a «great healer».

We have today extended ancient scripts, byzantine and medieval therapeutic repositories. Also, folkloric records and writings of monks and anchorites of Mount Athos, with records, methods of application and recipes, in which olive oil on its own or in combination with several therapeutical herbs or/ and in combination with beeswax, has a leading part, even in quite severe cases of dermopathies like  leprosy and tuberculosis.

Yellow Beeswax
antiphlogistic, calmative, anti-inflammatory, cicatrizant, demulcent, moisturizing  properties
It helps skin retain moisture without clogging pores > >


Oliveoil (certified organic)
nourishing, moisturizing, demulcent, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cicatrizant properties
Tilia europaea oil
soothing properties > >



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